Commercial Oils

Taurus Euro 5 10W40 Fully Synthetic (Commercial)

Taurus Euro 5 10W40 is designed specifically for new HGV’s where low SAPS technology is required for Euro 4 and 5 engines. Acea E6 – E7, MB 228.51, Man 3477, M3271, Renault RVI RXD, MTU TYPE 3.1. Volvo VDS3, Deutz DQC 111-05.

Turbopam 15W40

A high versatile engine oil designed for naturally aspirated and turbocharged petrol and diesel engines in both cases and light commercial vehicles making it ideal for mixed fleet operations. A.P.I. SL/CH4, MB 228.1, 229.1. Man 271, VDS, MACK EO-L, MTU TYPE 1.

Sirios 15W40 E7 VDS3 (Long Drain)

Sirios 15W40 is a Super High Performance heavy duty diesel engine oil with superior soot handling properties that provides high levels of piston cleanliness, oxidation resistance and anti-wear characteristics. Acea E7, B4, B3, A3, A.P.I. CI-4. MB228.3, 229.1. Volvo VDS3. Renault RVI, RLD-2, Global DHD. Allison C4, JASO DH-1.

Taurus SHPD 15W40 E9

Taurus SHPD 15W40 E9 is the very latest “Super High Performance”, heavy duty diesel engine oil developed to meet the latest Euro 5 low emission requirements and utilises the latest Low SAPS additive technology. Acea E9, A.P.I. CI-4/SM, Cummins 28001, MB 228.31, Man M3575, Renault RVI  RLD-3, VDS-4, Caterpillar ECF-3, MACK EO-O PREM +.