Premium Synthetic Grades

Synpam Superior LS 5w30

Synpam superior LS 5w30 is a fully synthetic low SAPS multigrade oil for use in VW and Audi to VW 504.00 to 507.00 specification, also approved by MB 229.51, BMW LL.04 Porche C30 Acea, C2, C3 and Jaso DL-1.

Synpam Supreme LSG 5W30

A fully synthetic low SAPS oil meeting BMW long life and Mercedes Benz specification,  C3 to cover Citroen, Peugeot, Hyundai and General Motors Dexos II. Acea C2, C3. A3/B4 – 04. A.P.I.  SN/CF. GM Dexos II. MB 229.51.  BMW LL – 04.  VW 502.00 – 505.00.

Synpam FD. 5W30

A fully synthetic multigrade oil approved by the Ford Motor Company with extended drain capabilities meeting Ford M2C913 – C, Renault RN0700, Acea A5/B5. A.P.I.  SL/CF specification.

Powerpam 10W40 Semi-Synthetic

A fuel efficient multigrade oil for use in a wide range of cars and vans to Acea A3, B3, B4, A.P.I.  SL/CF, VW 502.00 to 505.00 and MB 229.1 specification.

Powerpam ZT 5W30 Semi-Synthetic

This high technology engine oil formulated with a high level of synthetic additives for use in Ford Zetec engines to provide significant reductions in fuel consumption. Acea A1/B1, A.P.I.  SL/CF, Ford M2C913 - B, BMW LL.01.