Biopam Hydraulic Oils

Pamoil Bio Hydraulic Oils
Fully biodegradable performance Hydraulic oils, based on natural vegetable esters, with an environmentally compatible additive package, offering complete biodegradability with high performance lubrication.

Pamoil Bio Hydraulic Oils
Fully inhibited hydraulic fluids for use in enclosed and total loss systems.
This range of bio hydraulic oils would find use in a variety of applications where environmentally friendly operating fluids are preferred, telescopic rams, shock absorbers, jacks, telescopic forks and many other situations requiring Bio congruent fluids.

Benefits in use
•    Ideal for use in farm equipment, sports pitch and golf course machinery and also the forestry sector.
•    Exceeds the requirements of DIN 515424 Part 1 Cincinnati Milacron P-38 (Bio 32) P-54 (Bio-46), P-38 (Bio-68)
•    Meets the requirements of environmentally friendly fluids VDMA 24568 Based on rapeseeds oil (HETG)
•    Available in the viscosity range ISO 32/46, ISO 68, ISO 100